“My experience as an intern in NY was wonderful. I was lucky to do my internship in an office where I had the chance to work very independently and was given quite exciting and important tasks right from the start. My supervisors were very passionate about their work, which was inspiring. They included our little group of interns like everyone else and also often invited us to do things around the city on weekends. I actually extended my internship after three months because I had taken such strong interest in my work. Everyone was very supportive with the paper work and helped me get my visa extension. Apart from that, living in New York is a mind-blowing experience for itself. I worked in the middle of the Manhattan jungle, but I lived in Brooklyn and loved its laid back and creative atmosphere along with the different views of the Manhattan skyline every morning. The things to discover in New York are endless, you are bound to experience those famous “only in New York”-moments and the city’s energy is just unique. It won’t take you long to understand why it has fascinated so many minds. I would move there in a heartbeat.”
– Johanna, Germany

“I did an internship in NYC for four months and it was the most exciting experience of my life. I socialized with a lot of people from all over the world which might also be very important for my future career. In addition, I got to know a very effective non-European way of doing business which is absolutely beneficial for my future plans. All in all,  I would describe NYC in three words: fascinating, friendly and fast. Fascinating as everything is so big and extreme and there are unlimited things to do. Friendly as people show a very positive attitude towards anything. Fast as there is only one direction which is forward.”
– Christoph, Germany